Aug. 3rd, 2009

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  • 00:05:43: PaperClipKoala: On ipod cause lappy is updating
  • 00:08:10: PaperClipKoala: Uh oh the dreaded nvdia driver of doom
  • 00:09:53: PaperClipKoala: Aaaaanddd now i want an iphone
  • 00:12:56: PaperClipKoala: Sigh
  • 01:45:40: PaperClipKoala: for a laugh again...What do you get when you cross PMS with GPS? A crazy bitch that will find you!
  • 13:52:43: PaperClipKoala: so....i apparently am now going to get an Iphone...just need 215.67 to make it happen...anyone wanna buy my epix? LOL
  • 14:09:28: PaperClipKoala: this will be a shock to all who know me...I didn't order chinese. I ordered pizza instead lol.
  • 18:09:14: PaperClipKoala: @cafpows yep in Buffy Vs Dracula
  • 19:23:11: PaperClipKoala: I have a new ringtone....Scotty Doesn't know from EuroTrip
  • 20:03:03: PaperClipKoala: @stargatejunkie hehe you want the ringtone? LOL Anyone who wants the ringtone ask me i will send it to you.
  • 23:17:55: PaperClipKoala: @feliciaday what happened?
  • 23:18:17: PaperClipKoala: @stargatejunkie im me and give me your number i shall sendy

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