Aug. 8th, 2009

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  • 00:25:47: PaperClipKoala: okay so it is apparent I am an rp Addict...I just counted all the people i play in tainted...
  • 01:00:19: PaperClipKoala: I knew Burn Notice wouldn't end the way I wanted it, but damn couldn't they have given us more? and why do I have to wait till 'winter'?
  • 07:34:09: PaperClipKoala: just wanna go back to sleep...
  • 20:59:30: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday 1 @dhlawrencexvii @adambusch @peterfacinelli @Brandi88 @Mia @Wendell_Howe @geoffpeck3 @emeraldayotte @feliciaday
  • 21:00:55: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday pt 2 @geekgirl444 @BuddyTV @adistantshadow @EWAusielloFiles @MarkCrow @NoelClarke @RachelleLefevre @jameskysonlee @GregProops
  • 21:03:48: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday pt 3 @GregProops @greggrunberg @ConsumerQueen @TimB5150 @breagrant @cafpows @weevilqueen @irishdalek @stargatejunkie
  • 21:06:23: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday pt 4 @theferretgirl@NewsOK @Mattdavelewis
  • 21:07:19: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday (one last cause really I didn't forget him...) @willalphasig
  • 21:08:14: PaperClipKoala: #Follow Friday (I didn't forget her either..shhh) @blindingechoes
  • 21:12:27: PaperClipKoala: @blindingechoes hey at least I am following you unlike @irishdalek
  • 21:14:22: PaperClipKoala: @blindingechoes, @irishdalek says she can't see my reply to you...
  • 21:18:47: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek @blindingechoes i so am not
  • 21:20:49: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek @blindingechoes I do not....I'm gonna go cry dramatically in the center of the room.
  • 21:22:15: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek @blindingechoes No...that would be mean
  • 21:23:55: PaperClipKoala: "Cathy, we've talked about this, killing people is not the answer."
  • 21:26:14: PaperClipKoala: *huggles Monk*
  • 21:28:53: PaperClipKoala: @blindingechoes you know what I say to you... *sto*
  • 21:29:38: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek @blindingechoes yeah because she knows your a big doody head LOL
  • 21:31:50: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek screw you bimbo
  • 21:32:02: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek @blindingechoes both of you
  • 21:32:59: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek well....*refrains from being mean*
  • 21:37:35: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek skobag
  • 21:38:59: PaperClipKoala: I just totally said dippywippy...wtf mate
  • 21:39:07: PaperClipKoala: @blindingechoes ummm...mock you
  • 21:40:00: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek hey you have said weird shit too
  • 21:57:12: PaperClipKoala: @EmzShezComics for who?
  • 22:46:25: PaperClipKoala: @EmzShezComics ahh okay

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