Aug. 10th, 2009

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  • 00:54:47: PaperClipKoala: @rachaelove hey twilight isn't that bad...
  • 00:55:19: PaperClipKoala: @weevilqueen how's work goin?
  • 01:37:28: PaperClipKoala: *whines* @irishdalek just called me a fog horn...well you know what @irishdalek you sound like bulwinkle
  • 01:38:19: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek freak
  • 01:38:44: PaperClipKoala: WHERE IS MY @cafpows I WANT HER DANGIT!!!
  • 01:39:26: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek thats between you and your gods...LOL
  • 02:16:39: PaperClipKoala: Bored...and cold
  • 02:46:40: PaperClipKoala: @adistantshadow it could be your cell phone company. *giggles and hides*
  • 02:46:47: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek I love you!
  • 02:48:08: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek I love you more!
  • 06:01:52: PaperClipKoala: Wow I am behind john hughes died...
  • 09:49:06: PaperClipKoala: I am so tired...need caffiene
  • 12:39:36: PaperClipKoala: twitter has gone effin nuts, its delivering tweets from wile ago
  • 12:39:46: PaperClipKoala: thats while not wile
  • 12:41:03: PaperClipKoala: @weevilqueen yes i know...I had a customer yesterday where it took me, and i shit you not, 30 mins + to help him set up his voicemail
  • 12:41:51: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek are you loling me? its mostly your tweets goofy
  • 12:45:21: PaperClipKoala: @punchinginfants does he drive more like Gibbs or more like Ziva? LOL or do you know?
  • 12:46:19: PaperClipKoala: @Brandi88 *dies* That's great!
  • 12:47:25: PaperClipKoala: RT @Brandi88:Scientists announced they have located the gene for alcoholism. Scientists say they found it at a party, talking way too loudly
  • 12:49:37: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek yes but your tweets from like a week ago have decided to show up...OH and rp tonight? y/y?
  • 12:57:59: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek bad twitter....no donut. Since it cut off half your tweet, rp y/y?
  • 13:00:28: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek YAY!
  • 15:28:24: PaperClipKoala: mmmm food
  • 15:28:42: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek is dumbles awake?
  • 15:58:03: PaperClipKoala: @willalphasig haha i am watching it too...i need help. LOL
  • 15:58:12: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek YAY!
  • 16:02:26: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek umm...well i has lots of hp peeps or to mix it up he can see someone else. You choose
  • 16:03:37: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek you're no bloody help
  • 16:06:10: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek lots of times like...wait no, oh yeah when...no that was someone else.umm OH YEAH that time when..oh oops not you. You're right.
  • 16:07:55: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek so...who?
  • 16:09:32: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek well who do you want?
  • 16:11:32: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek i have 60 plus muses
  • 16:27:27: PaperClipKoala: @NoelClarke damn and I liked that pic...
  • 16:27:43: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek *growls*
  • 16:42:06: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek you're making this difficult
  • 16:59:20: PaperClipKoala: heee Gary Oldman is in the new christmas carol movie...mmm Gary Oldman
  • 17:06:50: PaperClipKoala: I can't believe I just spent the last 6 hours watching Hannah Montana...
  • 17:19:27: PaperClipKoala: i seriously need coca cola..anyone wanna bring me some?

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