Aug. 12th, 2009

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  • 01:32:57: PaperClipKoala: *is tired* time for bed...Night peoples.
  • 01:33:06: PaperClipKoala: @cafpows *hugs*
  • 09:27:40: PaperClipKoala: Annoyed I am...
  • 11:01:19: PaperClipKoala: Five hours and twenty mins later still no resolve with att
  • 13:01:26: PaperClipKoala: Blah I wanna go home
  • 14:59:41: PaperClipKoala: @willalphasig I need your email so I can email/paypal u the money for stuffage from disney
  • 15:12:03: PaperClipKoala: *sigh*
  • 17:09:41: PaperClipKoala: @blindingechoes bad...no sicky for u
  • 18:34:17: PaperClipKoala: I PREVAIL!! I fought the man and won!!!! Lol okay really I just got a phone that will work
  • 21:42:41: PaperClipKoala: Laptop is toast...trying to reformat it...on ipod touch

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