Aug. 15th, 2009

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  • 13:22:36: @willalphasig awww hon im sorry
  • 19:21:13: #Follow Friday @BuddyTV @Brandi88 @geoffpeck3 @adistantshadow @weevilqueen @irishdalek @weevilqueen @willalphasig @Mia @peterfacinelli
  • 19:24:00: #Follow Friday pt 2 @feliciaday @feltbeats @NoelClarke @EWAusielloFiles @James_Phelps @adambusch @greggrunberg @blindingechoes
  • 19:24:39: more FF later, for now, chinese or fajitas
  • 21:10:32: OMG Lizzy @irishdalek is twittering from her phone when she is IN FRONT OF HER COMPUTER!!!!
  • 21:21:35: @irishdalek I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 21:30:16: people need to stop hurting my friends!
  • 21:43:09: #follow friday @dhlawrencexvii @Mia @TwilightLexicon @willalphasig @UseMayBeFatal @NathanFillion
  • 21:58:40: *follow friday @ConsumerQueen
  • 22:12:21: why oh why must people complain when they have the means to fix what is wrong?
  • 22:33:17: @willalphasig dork....and I love you

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