Aug. 18th, 2009

surrendermyself: (Default)

  • 07:51:34: On way to work...what a morning it is.
  • 08:08:03: So, i was told this morning i live like poor whitge trash and my is embarrassed to be my mom
  • 09:49:27: @irishdalek thats my mom...nice isnt it
  • 14:31:47: @willalphasig why? What happened
  • 18:09:06: i can not express how much I hate my mother
  • 18:22:44: @adistantshadow no i just need someone to help me get 600 dollars so i can get a car and get the fuck away from her
  • 18:30:02: @adistantshadow nah no need to rob a bank..just gonna throw a whole paycheck into it when i get back from atlanta
  • 22:29:38: *whines* I want Jamie!

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