Aug. 29th, 2009

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  • 00:13:46: @adistantshadow I adore you
  • 02:16:18: @dhlawrencexvii stand up and say in the most whiney voice ever. "Maaaammmm he's breaking the rules"
  • 02:17:06: @dhlawrencexvii Okay kidding about the last post...I would just stop her as she passes and whisper to her what he's doing.
  • 07:47:56: Okay whats with the earthquakes in oklahoma??
  • 08:02:01: I GOT A WAVE!!!!
  • 08:48:33: @theferretgirl im so sorry love. *hugs*
  • 10:00:26: @willalphasig now that song is stuck in my head...dammit
  • 18:06:11: How to make the people who agreed to do something follow through? Not an effin clue
  • 18:07:18: #FollowFriday pt 1 @irishdalek @adistantshadow @cafpows @feliciaday @BuddyTV @Mia @ConsumerQueen @tornadopayne @greggrunberg @rachaelove
  • 18:08:20: #FollowFriday pt 2 @NathanFillion @EWAusielloFiles @Starbucks @MarkCrow @JRKNaughtyAngel @drhorrible @Dragon_Con @Brandi88 @geoffpeck3
  • 18:10:13: #FollowFriday pt 3 @adambusch @willalphasig @NoelClarke @dhlawrencexvii @David_Tennant @jeffdunham @breagrant @emmyrossum @peterfacinelli
  • 18:11:36: #FollowFriday pt 4 @blindingechoes @RachelleLefevre @atraphoenix @TheFerretGirl @weevilqueen
  • 18:11:43: @ConsumerQueen anytime!
  • 19:00:03: found out Bosses, Bosses, Bosses, Boss will be at the center on monday...why couldn't he be there after i was gone?
  • 19:07:29: @TheFerretGirl you didn't annoy me...you have a right to whine

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