Sep. 15th, 2009

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  • 02:46:59: Damn you Madonna for making me feel bad for Michael Jackson...
  • 10:28:32: Wanna sleep
  • 10:36:40: Anyone in okc needing a job ATT is hiring. Job fair this saturday and next
  • 11:47:51: @atraphoenix what book?
  • 12:14:42: @atraphoenix *bows head in shame* no clue
  • 12:15:36: @weevilqueen is that john barrowman and if so how much bribery would it take to get u to get me an autograph?
  • 13:01:29: @weevilqueen had to try lol
  • 13:30:11: Mmmm soup
  • 17:45:51: @VoodooBanshee yes it is possible as long as the phone is not a pda style phone or the iphone, and to change a number, depends on the sitch
  • 17:48:47: @VoodooBanshee if you tell them it is due to harrassment and it is not limited to one number then they will do it for you at no charge..if..
  • 17:49:06: @VoodooBanshee you whine about the cost. Hit me up on aim and i will splain
  • 17:52:54: "You're acting like garfield on a monday..."
  • 18:12:36: @VoodooBanshee whats your aim name? mine is seekingallthtiam
  • 21:00:34: why is it beyonce's song makes me want to dance? wtf mate, i don't even like her
  • 23:42:49: @oushadow its at 3201 quail springs parkway, it will be there on saturday. I will have more info after tomorrow.
  • 23:47:40: word for the night coochilicker

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