Sep. 18th, 2009

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  • 08:42:45: Mom got stuck in traffic dropped me off at wrong door had to wade through massive puddle to get in building pants soaked to the knees
  • 09:45:22: Open house saturday at att mobility now hiring csr's 10 am to 2pm 13801 wireless way in oklahoma city
  • 09:49:25: @brandi88 uh oh what happened?
  • 11:10:32: *sigh* i hate computers sometimes
  • 12:19:04: Ahhh lunch
  • 14:30:37: @willalphasig i do i do lol
  • 19:03:04: @TomFelton try tilting your head to the side and jerking it down a bit.if that makes sense. It should pop the water right out. or a q-tip
  • 20:34:22: @TomFelton did you try a q-tip or smacking the opposite side of your head? yes, it works... lol
  • 20:34:27: Okay, I am going to use the word i hate the most, but tonights ep of SPN is EPIC
  • 20:34:37: @Fumbling81 what song
  • 20:38:41: @stargatejunkie dean is frakin hilarious
  • 20:40:05: @stargatejunkie much better than sam...
  • 20:40:42: Dude, don't follow the smoke
  • 20:44:30: for the record...its one month, one week, and one day till my birthday
  • 20:59:20: "I'm getting too old for this"
  • 21:04:07: OMG a Lord of the Rings reference...we all knew Dean was a closet nerd
  • 21:05:41: is sam channeling his inner stupid
  • 21:10:00: Just had a realization....Certain RPs are going to be hard because of ooc crap...great
  • 21:12:22: @stopwatchthorns and yet it won't work and you know that...characters need to interact can't help you can't differentiate
  • 21:16:48: @VoodooBanshee lol aren't you just special! lol
  • 21:39:00: @stargatejunkie lol i know...just proves dean is a closet nerd...

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