Sep. 19th, 2009

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  • 09:20:30: Someone save me....this customer wont stop talking
  • 10:19:41: Long morning and its only 10 fun
  • 11:00:07: @atraphoenix packing?
  • 11:25:12: @atraphoenix i wanna go....my family lives there
  • 12:13:36: @atraphoenix lemme see if i win the lottery soon and perhaps...lol
  • 13:25:31: @blindingechoes lol baaad
  • 18:10:25: #FollowFriday@atraphoenix @irishdalek @geekgirl444 @emeraldayotte @gilbirmingham @BuddyTV @alivans @Mia @EWAusielloFiles @Brandi88 @TimB5150
  • 18:12:52: #FollowFriday pt2@Fumbling81 @feliciaday @ConsumerQueen @Rupert_Grint @TheFerretGirl @peterfacinelli @OliverPhelps @breagrant
  • 18:14:12: @FollowFriday pt3 @blindingechoes @dividepictures @MarkCrow @greggrunberg @adambusch @stargatejunkie @punchinginfants @VoodooBanshee
  • 18:22:27: #FollowFriday pt 4 @weevilqueen @cafpows @willalphasig @adistantshadow @NoelClarke @Mia @dhlawrencexvii @VictoryChurchOK @emmyrossum
  • 18:23:47: #followfriday pt 6 @Stana_Katic @blindingechoes
  • 18:27:40: #followfriday special just cause he's so dang sweet @TomFelton everyone should follow him!
  • 18:28:20: @TomFelton Awww I would have paid to see you shaking your head though LOL
  • 19:10:21: @Fumbling81 yes a warning label...everyone follow @Fumbling81 unless you fear spammy goodness and american idol LOL
  • 21:33:35: @Fumbling81 shhh haven't watched psych yet lol still watching monk.

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