Sep. 25th, 2009

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  • 12:47:43: Lunch yay
  • 13:44:47: Ugh they gave me dr pepper blach
  • 18:12:19: @juliebenz sitting in the checkout line at walmart...need to remember next time not to shop when hungry.
  • 18:22:48: I just remembered why i hate walmart
  • 18:24:05: And i would like to say that some people are just so nice...
  • 19:21:03: Had a productive day, got a 30 min lecture at work, paid my bills, got groceries, bought stuff for my car, then got another 20 min lecture..
  • 20:17:21: I now have a migrane from crying. So glad that I didn't watch Grey's with my mom #greysanatomy
  • 20:21:17: God I love Bailey...
  • 20:27:04: And I love Bailey even more...
  • 20:38:14: my head is throbbing now..thanks Grey's. #greysanatomy
  • 20:48:30: @willalphasig I'm Right there with you Will
  • 20:58:30: okay that was gross... #greysanatomy
  • 21:02:43: Awww she has authority issues #greysanatomy
  • 21:06:52: See Chief Webber, thats what you get for using the word Epic. #greysanatomy
  • 21:17:50: Bailey has lost her ever lovin mind... #greysanatomy
  • 21:26:24: God Karev is an ass...#greysanatomy
  • 21:27:29: @TomFelton awww how cute
  • 21:39:08: Is it just me, or did that guy look like Michel from Gilmore Girls? #greysanatomy
  • 21:45:58: AMEN IZZY!!!! #GreysAnatomy
  • 21:53:31: and dammit if Karev breaks my heart...#greysanatomy
  • 21:55:18: Damn you Greys!! I have not stopped crying since it started. #greysanatomy
  • 21:59:19: @emeraldayotte They are in my prayers.
  • 22:08:55: @irishdalek *hugs* I'm glad.
  • 22:30:22: I have a migraine now, and I just realized tonight I came close to being as spammy as the spammy lil @Fumbling81
  • 22:55:06: @Fumbling81 lol i know right. And omg it was sooooo sad

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