Sep. 26th, 2009

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  • 02:01:43: @irishdalek NOOOOOOOOOOO lol okay nini
  • 02:07:26: @irishdalek i thought so.
  • 02:07:40: @Mia what episode of SVU was she on?
  • 02:13:02: One month exactly till my birthday...is it wrong that I totally want one of those cheesy kids cakes from walmart, or an ice cream cake from?
  • 02:23:49: @weevilqueen I WANT A HANNAH MONTANA CAKE! LOL or a cake with Ziva's face on it..yes I am a ncis nerd..maybe one in the shape of a paperclip
  • 02:27:30: @Mia Sounds familiar, must find it and watch that again. I love that show, and Amanda from her VMars days.
  • 02:31:32: @Mia She made that role! I miss that show...if only i had the power to make Veronica Mars come back.
  • 02:35:40: @Mia hey i liked season three..for the most part. It would have made more sense if it could have been properly finished.
  • 07:30:59: off to work i go
  • 08:06:20: I made it ontime...shocker
  • 11:27:19: Blah
  • 12:42:41: I wanna sleep nao...
  • 15:09:05: H
  • 15:10:05: Oops fat fingered that...
  • 16:38:49: Gah just got sick
  • 17:21:26: @weevilqueen bad laptop
  • 17:23:52: @weevilqueen a fan isnt that expensive...
  • 18:22:48: @weevilqueen *nods*
  • 18:23:06: Dean winchester has the best lines.
  • 18:24:28: "Because, we're humans and when humans want something really really bad we lie." "Why" "because, thats how we become president"
  • 18:27:09: Dude Sam Winchester has a Blackberry Bold!
  • 18:28:27: @irishdalek lol sorry, i sell the damn things so sue me.
  • 18:30:27: @irishdalek lol it would have been worse if I jumped up and down and shouted "OMG OMG He's Totally like using a Blackberry Bold" lol
  • 18:32:02: "Only two things I know for sure...One Bert and Earnie are gay, and Two, you're not going to die a virgin...not on my watch."
  • 18:33:00: @irishdalek you are such a brat...I love you"
  • 18:40:54: #FollowFriday come with a warning label, @drawn2therhythm the spammy one w/ Idol Addiction @irishdalek The quiet 1 with beatles addiction.
  • 18:42:43: #FollowFriday pt2 @BuddyTV @weevilqueen @Mia @JewelStaite @VoodooBanshee @adistantshadow @TheFerretGirl @emmyrossum @alivans @greggrunberg
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  • 18:56:15: "Maybe one day, but today you're my little bitch" "What he said"
  • 18:58:30: @Mia Ty!
  • 20:18:16: @clarkjolley that is kind of scary...The girls have him tied up and putting make up on him?
  • 20:27:26: "My entire existance was constructed by a sociopath in a sweatervest what do you suggest I do?"
  • 20:59:56: god i love Dollhouse
  • 21:00:27: @alydenisof I have been watching...Haven't seen him, i must rewatch.
  • 21:04:17: Go @elizadushku kick that ass
  • 22:34:19: @cafpows where in the fuzzy heck did you go?
  • 22:39:19: Okay, who's with me in believeing that Lassiter has been especially bitchier this season on Psych?
  • 23:02:21: for those who don't know...@irishdalek is my adorable nerd
  • 23:04:29: @irishdalek short bus special?
  • 23:06:10: @irishdalek lol okay
  • 23:19:38: lizzy has to pee....just thought I would tell everyone that.

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