Oct. 3rd, 2009

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  • 07:15:36: so I woke up late because i never set my alarm...gold star in fail for me.
  • 07:16:43: @weevilqueen yes..yes you are. And not short bus special either.
  • 07:17:13: @NoelClarke depends on the mistakes. I would warn her and see if there's a change.
  • 10:51:43: Yay cant breathe...
  • 13:43:41: So annoyed now....im even near tears and its so stupid
  • 17:26:41: @Mia thats just stupid..those people need lives
  • 17:27:43: Warning..warning..the FF shall begin now
  • 17:28:44: #FollowFriday @Mia @TheODI @irishdalek @dhlawrencexvii @geoffpeck3 @TheFerretGirl @saratrouble @VoodooBanshee @weevilqueen @breagrant
  • 17:30:16: #FollowFriday Pt2n@NathanFillion @Brandi88 @greggrunberg @adambusch @ConsumerQueen @BuddyTV @emmyrossum @MarkCrow @EWAusielloFiles
  • 17:32:02: #FollowFriday pt 3 @feliciaday @Kopepasah @elizadushku @gilbirmingham @rachaelove @willalphasig @adistantshadow @alydenisof
  • 17:33:39: #FollowFriday pt4 @alivans @atraphoenix @blindingechoes @cafpows @David_Tennant @DontMakeItBad @dividepictures @feltbeats @GregProops
  • 17:35:34: #FollowFriday pt 5 @greggrunberg @IMKristenBell @James_Phelps @JewelStaite @JossStone @jameskysonlee @jedieyecandy @jeffdunham @juliebenz
  • 17:37:44: #FollowFriday pt5 @NoelClarke @NCIS_CBS @OliverPhelps @peterfacinelli @Rupert_Grint @Stana_Katic @stargatejunkie @TomFelton @VictoryChurchOK
  • 17:40:05: #FollowFriday Oklahoma edition@oklahomabuzztap @GoSooners @NewsOK
  • 17:40:42: @Mia No, not that I know of anyway. I did know someone on my list that unfollowed me for FFing her
  • 18:53:12: @NoelClarke does she know she's on a last warning? if she does and she values her job it will solve all problems
  • 18:53:27: @Mia what size?
  • 18:55:29: @Mia http://bit.ly/1ZsrLZ or http://bit.ly/I0CdT
  • 19:09:19: @Mia Anytime...
  • 19:09:32: Okay, I have reached a new low...I want a hippopotamus for christmas Just came on my itunes
  • 20:11:17: one of my muses is crying in my head...stupid men.
  • 21:33:08: OMG ITS ALEXIS DENISOF!!!!
  • 21:47:48: I have a new respect for @elizadushku she is FAB in #dollhouse
  • 22:02:52: #FollowFriday one I forgot @SoonerSportscom
  • 22:10:48: If you haven't watched #dollhouse you should, its amazing! Joss has true gold here! @elizadushku has surpassed amazing.
  • 23:50:44: @insanejournal whats going on?

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