Oct. 5th, 2009

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  • 08:52:14: @James_Phelps Poor thing. drink some hot tea it will help.
  • 09:13:43: Watching when a stranger calls....already i want to smack a character. This movie just makes me laugh, and yet i scream sometimes too.
  • 09:18:04: god help me, the cop in the opening part of this movie, at first i was all "Dude that looks like Carlisle Cullen" lol
  • 09:20:10: @saratrouble huh?
  • 09:28:41: I want the house in this movie #whenastrangercalls
  • 09:33:11: yes thats right, you hear a door slam, yell out "hello" so if its an intruder they can kill you faster...MORON #whenastrangercalls
  • 09:36:18: you answer the phone and its a heavy breather...what do you do? sit there and keep talking in the phone, yes thats smart..Hang up! MORON
  • 09:42:23: I just noticed...she never reset the alarm..way to go babysitter. #whenastrangercalls
  • 09:49:42: Haha, the dumb slutty blond gets it first...well okay second. #whenastrangercalls
  • 09:59:42: yes, creepy things are happening and you STILL call down the hall. at least the killer can find you to kill you faster. #whenastrangercalls
  • 10:08:31: Okay, some psycho has been calling,kids are asleep, and its raining outside...what do you do? Of course, go out and run to the guest house.
  • 10:09:24: But hey, you set the alarm and got the flashlight first...thats thinking right? Not really, sorry.
  • 10:14:02: dude the paper with the alarm code is gone...the scary heavy breather has it.
  • 10:15:30: @irishdalek lil bit yes
  • 10:17:01: "if you're not trying to scare me then what do you want?" "you're blood...all over me." EWWWW GROSS
  • 10:17:43: "Its coming from inside the house..."
  • 10:18:12: dead dumb blond....now screaming fun
  • 10:18:17: @irishdalek lol i'm glad
  • 10:20:00: @irishdalek though if i owned this house..all the creepy ass statues would have to go
  • 10:22:28: oohh creepy guy is a ninja now too...fun
  • 10:26:11: you're hiding under a slatted walk way...he can see you if he looks down you moron.
  • 10:29:16: ewww cat got a birdy
  • 10:30:53: Kids out of the house, but psycho still has you...what do you do? run up the stairs, he pulls you back down, up the stairs, down the stairs
  • 10:32:00: oohh fire poker to the hand...ow
  • 10:35:03: HA The cop in the end of this movie played Skip on Angel
  • 10:37:22: movie over now..i have to go...answer nature
  • 10:52:00: @irishdalek hey i could have said i had to pee...well i just did. LOL anyway you get the point
  • 11:00:23: dear @insanejournal White screen does not mean page loaded...please load for me, i have much to do.
  • 14:17:19: Sam and Dean the dynamic duo? Umm...okay
  • 14:24:55: @willalphasig *hugs*
  • 17:56:12: @cafpows thats a good nap though
  • 17:56:33: @irishdalek no sleep for you!
  • 17:57:26: I am suddenly glad I booked my room for dcon next year...thank god
  • 18:18:18: @drawn2therhythm Not me too what?
  • 18:18:32: @drawn2therhythm And yes, yes i was. I was watching a bad horror movie
  • 18:19:59: @ThatGrangerGirl who was that @ at? LOL
  • 18:20:19: @saratrouble pshaw sleep is ebil
  • 18:23:52: *bounces and dances and jumps up and down with happiness* Shannon is coming back from the dead on LOST!!!
  • 18:49:31: @illmantrim ATT is Hiring
  • 21:48:11: @alydenisof not even for the screaming kid two rows over?

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