Oct. 17th, 2009

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  • 00:18:47: @ChristopherCrow if I wasn't so sick I would be jealous...pet a horse for me kay? LOL
  • 11:29:21: @whedonesque spike
  • 17:58:31: @blindingechoes *hugs* I'm so sorry love
  • 21:31:15: haha Shawn just mentioned the "Yelp" app on his iphone...I think he meant @yowza
  • 21:38:45: #Follow Friday @emmyrossum @geoffpeck3 @Brandi88 @Mia @weevilqueen @irishdalek @TomFelton @cafpows @BuddyTV @tomlenk @rachaelove
  • 21:40:06: #Follow Friday pt 2 @mishacollins @juliebenz @JossStone @tmaduri @peterfacinelli @NoelClarke @blindingechoes @TheFerretGirl @TheODI
  • 21:43:18: #Follow Friday pt 3 @whedonesque @jeffdunham @feliciaday @NathanFillion @James_Phelps @feltbeats @willalphasig @saratrouble @atraphoenix
  • 21:46:15: #Follow Friday pt 4 @David_Tennant @Brandi88 @DontMakeItBad
  • 21:51:42: the incompetence of some CSRs amazes me
  • 22:30:30: My dietitian would not approve...*sigh* oops
  • 22:54:06: @irishdalek "Her wand looks bent" @PaperClipKoala "Yeah well...its kinda like snape's dick" yea, I actually said that...
  • 23:00:52: @greggrunberg OH NO! I hope everyone is okay!

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