Nov. 7th, 2009

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  • 00:02:41: "If anyone gets noset just..you know..shoot em" "Shoot em?" "Yeah, but you know, politely"
  • 00:05:00: that was nosey, not noset...yes i can type
  • 01:22:04: @imortalaussie do u use live?
  • 01:50:41: I should not have read the twitter of she who shall not be named, I was already annoyed and seeing red.
  • 01:53:14: haha @irishdalek "Please let me sleep....OOHH OOHHH PINK FLOYD"
  • 01:53:30: @hp_anon what is that?
  • 01:54:42: @irishdalek truth hurts doesn't it?
  • 01:55:07: @irishdalek hey...Tweak says you stole my cookie
  • 01:55:16: @hp_anon OOHH OOHH WHO WHO
  • 01:55:40: @immortalaussie amen!
  • 10:58:51: I seriously just messed up....
  • 11:59:13: @Ninotsjka @irishdalek I told someone it would take 6 months to take effect instead of 24 hours
  • 13:35:44: @irishdalek u r supposed to be home
  • 13:50:26: "irishdalek you did last ni
  • 14:49:27: @Jania28 what does that feel like? I don't think I am ever caught up
  • 14:50:30: @Jania28 hey at least you are caught up. I however haven't been in over a month
  • 15:00:50: @Jania28 awww poor you. LOL
  • 15:05:32: Follow Friday @AdamBusch @adistantshadow @alationshadow @alivans @alydenisof @amber_benson @atraphoenix @BBCTorchwood @blindingechoes
  • 15:07:20: #FollowFriday pt 2 @Brandi88 @BrandyJ1985 @breagrant @BuddyTV @cafpows @ChristianKane01 @ConsumerQueen @David_Tennant @dhiannn
  • 15:09:04: #FollowFriday pt 3 @dhlawrencexvii @dividepictures @DontMakeItBad @DrewFromTV @elizadushku @emmyrossum @EWAusielloFiles @feliciaday
  • 15:10:59: #FollowFriday pt4 @feltbeats @geekgirl444 @geoffpeck3 @GoSooners @greggrunberg @GregProops @hp_anon @IMKristenBell @immortalaussie
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  • 15:17:17: #FollowFriday pt 7 @NathanFillion @NCIS_CBS @NCISMusic @news9wxguy @Ninotsjka @NoelClarke @nycradiochick @OliverPhelps @peterfacinelli
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  • 15:22:58: #FollowFriday pt 10 and apparently Sylar gets his own post...or well Zachary does. @ZacharyQuinto
  • 17:35:45: I just threw u and now all shaky great
  • 20:20:56: You may not be able to see a straightforward path to your goal... More for Scorpio http://bit.ly/14DAKq

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