Nov. 13th, 2009

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  • 02:01:11: @JewelStaite yes its very sad....I have been in mourning all day.
  • 02:17:53: @whedonesque not if it takes a turn like the buffy and angel comics did and dives off the left side of insane.
  • 03:18:52: @irishdalek lol i was just jokin you snot
  • 03:20:27: @WarwickADavis we have a warwick street here too...my my you have lots of streets named after you. LOL
  • 03:48:01: @Mattdavelewis but the new iphone is so pretty and..and and...fast. (I could be biased as I have one and also work for AT&T lol)
  • 09:23:11: You aren't in the mood to talk about your feelings to just any... More for Scorpio http://bit.ly/14DAKq
  • 11:00:00: @whedonesque sad...still mourning
  • 15:20:25: Gah I am getting so sick of damn nosey bastards who can't keep their nose out of my damn business
  • 15:31:11: I am finally home, for now at least till i have to be back at work at 6 for a whole hour
  • 16:08:37: @ConsumerQueen that makes no sense. See this is why i go harkins or even tinseltown
  • 16:09:36: @cafpows *hugs*
  • 16:12:25: @ConsumerQueen I bet he was. Like I said, harkins or even tinseltown...Tinseltown has by far the best rates.
  • 20:58:22: Tweeting for 7 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 19 hours, 25 minutes, 11 seconds (March 27, 2009). How about you? http://bit.ly/eC942

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