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  • 01:03:41: Definition of lazy woman's laundry.blanket still damp you don't put it back in the dryer, no you lay under it and use a hairdryer to dry it
  • 17:26:33: @mia icky work.,.,
  • 20:37:41: NO ANGELA THATS THE WRONG MAN YOU"RE KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 20:43:13: @cafpows *hugs you* No need to worry, trust someone who's been there..it will work out it just takes time.
  • 21:14:43: I am beyond pissed off, and its spilling over into everything.
  • 23:28:35: My friend was on the news... link in next post
  • 23:28:39: In Your Corner 4: AMBUCS comes to the rescue again!! http://bit.ly/3gkqF4

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