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Well, I am breaking this badboy in...for those of you seeing this on LJ or IJ, I am posting via dreamwidth.

Its been a long time since I have posted anywhere, mostly because I didn't really want to talk about all that was going on, but alas now a lot is going on.

I'm a human glow worm, watch me shimmer )

29 CENTS!!! )

And now on to the finale's...Spoilers ahoy )

That's pretty much everything that is going on, so I shall go for now, enjoy the rain...again...*sigh*
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Not that it really tells you anything...

spoilers )
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As to not spoil a soul I will only say one thing about tonights Doctor Who ep....


Watching Doctor Who is so much better than sex...

Okay so that was two things, or a lot more if you break the first thing into seperate words, but either way...

for the first time in my life...i am speechless....

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