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Well, lots to talk about...

First and formost its been a nightmare of a month or two, my money situation finally hitting a brick wall and not being able to work for west I have come up with two solutions.

Solution one - look for a job outside the house. I need out of this house more than just standing in my front yard, and I need to actually work cause I am tired of being called a failure.

Solution Two - market my time and abilities in graphics work. I have decided that I would charge a monthly fee, dependant on how much work you want done and what all you want. Basically what is included is Layout creation, Layout coding, icon making, screencapping, and any other graphics related work. Rates range anywhere from 20 dollars for a layout with five icons and coding to 150 a month for unlimited graphics and coding.

The other thing I am offering FTP space on my hosting account for 10 a month or 55 for six months or 100 for a year. The hosting itself includes a subdomain on one of my sites, or space for a fully hosted domain with unlimited bandwidth.

If anyone has any interest in any of this feel free to contact me. willowgraphics at gmail dot com or musescollide at gmail dot com.

The other news I have is that starting oct 13th I will be working for ATT so things are starting to look up.

Though I have a lot more to talk about I also have so much to do that I should be focused on. Back to work for me!

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