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Let me start by saying that companies who don't have the courtesy to talk to people like they are human beings suck....

So I got paid last friday and have been remiss in buying groceries, but had plans to tonight after work...well when I went to check my account balance and it was 2 dollars, its supposed to be somewhere around 40. Anyway I called to find out where my money went and it went to some company I had never heard of. It is now 237 pm and I have been on hold with that company for coming up on 3 hours....

They are telling me that the won't refund the money without a police report and I keep telling them I am not filing anything and they will give me my money back and the lady got rude with me and put me back on hold. Now 20 minutes later I am hold still....

My only care is I have no food in my house, my dogs have no food and I don't get paid for 8 more days.

Gah and just when things started to look up.

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