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As most of the people close to me know it has been a rough past few months for me, but I have made a decision....instead of venting, which I will still do from time to time, I am going to keep one day of the week out where I don't focus on the bad, but the good and what I am happy for. This idea has come from my good friend Aladriana, from LJ, and until now I didn't realize just how important this could be. Anyway, here goes.

I am thankful for...

1) My friends, all of my friends are so very important to me.
2) Though I don't like to single people out I do need to say that I am thankful for T, Stacey, Gabby and Dhi. They are four very amazing people.
3) My great RPs, they keep me sane which may seem odd since i have 44 characters in one, but thats not the point now is it?
4) My job. For once I actually love it and despite my occasional mistakes they keep me around.
5) My home. I may complain about its many issues, but its a roof over my head and is mine, so thats all that matters.
6) My mom...yes, thats right, despite how I complain about the woman I do love her, I would be lost without her. And the other side of the coin is, she shows me how I don't want to end up.

There are so many other things I am thankful for, but for now this is my list.

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