Aug. 4th, 2009

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  • 01:23:52: PaperClipKoala: I miss watching Buffy...I used to know the show like the back of my hand...need to beef up my buffy knowledge.
  • 07:20:12: PaperClipKoala: I just want to go back to sleep...
  • 07:22:28: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek I am seriously starting to rethink this 8 am shift shit
  • 07:24:12: PaperClipKoala: I miss watching charmed and Buffy...I need to get back to my roots.
  • 07:26:04: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek I think @stopwatchthorns has had lots o caffiene...
  • 07:30:41: PaperClipKoala: @stopwatchthorns @irishdalek See as I said...lots o caffiene
  • 07:32:22: PaperClipKoala: @stopwatchthorns @irishdalek Uh huh sure
  • 07:34:43: PaperClipKoala: Loves the shirt her mother bought her...it actually fits
  • 07:35:44: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek *yawns* Can you make it so i don't have to go to work now?
  • 07:39:38: PaperClipKoala: @irishdalek damn oh well.
  • 08:15:55: PaperClipKoala: I love my new boss she is soooooo nice
  • 10:40:34: PaperClipKoala: This customer is breaking my heart
  • 12:37:08: PaperClipKoala: 30 seems to be the number of the day...30 mins late to break 30 mins late to lunch...gah
  • 23:33:11: PaperClipKoala: I am oddly relieved...

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