Sep. 6th, 2009

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  • 04:30:09: omg and i thought i snored bad
  • 04:36:04: @TheFerretGirl shopping? for foodins or other stuff? if for food t hen you gotta, other stuff could wait lol
  • 08:38:40: OMG Tash is shaking her ass singing Milkshake while dressed as the Master....SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 08:43:37: @TheFerretGirl you need a minion to do that for you
  • 08:45:27: @feliciaday you mean walk of fame?
  • 08:51:38: @TheFerretGirl Bad dogs...no dog bone
  • 09:10:39: Update from Hotel room at Dragon Con...Rose Tyler and Random Extra number 3 fight over the master!
  • 11:02:04: @blindingechoes of who doing what? I did get pictures of me biting her boob and groping her and kissing her LOL
  • 11:02:21: @blindingechoes did i mention this was all done sober? lol
  • 11:47:10: Dude someone dressed as Lorne from from angel....that makes me happy
  • 11:49:38: On my way to walk of fame to see felicia day julie benz charisma carpenter peter facinelli gareth and james...and more
  • 11:58:34: I just saw ron glass
  • 12:07:24: @blindingechoes sowwi...ily
  • 12:08:48: @irishdalek hes in firefly
  • 12:19:54: Omg i just talked to gareth
  • 12:37:48: @irishdalek @theferretgirl @blindingechoes had to go get cash im caving and getting autographs
  • 12:56:49: @irishdalek and @blindingechoes sorry girls i barely got mine and i nearly passed out
  • 13:06:52: Dude i just asked james marsters for a hug...i failed in not going fangirl
  • 13:10:02: @irishdalek No but if he had hugged me i would have
  • 13:17:57: I just got a hu from a random girl...
  • 13:18:32: Thats hug not hu
  • 13:24:54: @theferretgirl i wish...james said he couldnt *tear*
  • 13:25:53: Just saw a MAN dressed as princess leia
  • 17:41:38: @stopwatchthorns just bit my ass
  • 19:06:07: went to meet Felicia day, Charisma Carpenter, Julie Benz and Ron Glass today and they were all away from their tables, so was Tom Felton.:-(
  • 19:27:39: @stopwatchthorns im sorry love
  • 20:32:29: finally ate something other than an overpriced pretzel and chips and dip.... full now
  • 20:33:58: @CeruleanOctober *hugs* I'm sorry
  • 22:52:00: In the words of Lisa, as she is pouring a shot, "I'm not drunk enough for this shit, screw this." Followed by a glug
  • 23:10:35: Lisa "I lost my phone!" Me: "umm its right in front of you"
  • 23:14:52: We can not reach the Gwen Cooper, she wants us to party but we no know where she is..
  • 23:33:16: I feel left out...

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